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Intergenerational knowledge transfer in organizations
Good practices - Application


We are looking for the winner of the „Knowledge-Friendly Organization 2019 Award”


Talent and Knowledge Center Foundation (TTKA) and SEED Foundation for Small Enterprise Economic Development are launching an application under the title „Intergenerational knowledge transfer in organizations – good practices”.

The winner of the competition will gain the Knowledge-Friendly Organization 2019 award. 

International research shows that generational co-existence and managing collaboration in the workplace is increasingly important. There are jobs where 3-4 generations are working together. The goals of companies and businesses are to be increased and to be developed. One important tool for this is to keep and to transfer the knowledge within the organization. This can be achieved by maintaining and intensifying the work motivation and healthy self-evaluation of older workers, while young workers are successfully integrated. In this way, the systematic transfer of knowledge between different generations and employees can be realized.

TTKA has conducted a non-representative online research on workplace knowledge transfer in 2018. The aim of this research was to survey the situation of knowledge transfer in workplaces in Hungary. The research confirmed the importance of knowledge-sharing in workplaces in the development of companies as well as in the retention of workforce.

We can say that generation change is a major challenge for small and large companies alike. There is a great need to facilitate the transfer of theoretical and practical knowledge. Few enterprises and companies can say that they have well-organized organizational frameworks.


Aim of the Application  

With this competition, the primary purpose of the announcers is to introduce and to demonstrate good practices and examples to be followed in the field of knowledge transfer moreover to create opportunities for businesses to inspire others as well.

Regardless of the size of the company, the strategy for transferring the knowledge accumulated within the company is very important. By launching this application, we would like  to encourage small, medium and large enterprises to take a look at their activities in order to check at what level is the knowledge transfer present in their organizations while striving to realize knowledge transfer within an organized framework.


Why apply for the „Knowledge Society 2019” Award?

  • Winners of the „Knowledge-Friendly Organization 2019” Award can use this title in external and internal corporate communications helping their enterprises in retaining old employees and attracting new workforce during this time of labour shortage (employer branding”). 
  • The enterprise is one of the first in a whole new field (brand building).
  • Applicants review their corporate knowledge transfer strategy and consider how to incorporate it into their organizational culture when writing their applications.
  • Elaboration of this application will help you to review and understand the importance of intergenerational collaboration within your organization impacting your company's development and retention of workforce.
  • This is an opportunity for co-sharing positive practices within your company and with other companies as well.
  • It offers opportunity for learning best practices and solutions of other organizations.
  • This is a possibility to participate and to give presentation at the conference "KNOWLEDGE available" to be organized on November 13, 2019.
  • All applicants will be invited to the „Knowledge-Friendly Organization 2019 Gala”. The event will be attended by companies, organizations, higher education institutions, experts in the field of knowledge transfer between generations.
  • Enterprises submitting applications are entitled to participate in professional events and programs organized by TTKA and SEED Foundation.


Application procedure and deadlines  

The tender announced by TTKA-SEED is open, any organization can apply regardless of company size. The applicant company, enterprise can choose from any category, or can submit an application in several categories as well.

  1. Announcement of the competition: 18 September 2019 (Wednesday)
  2. Submission deadline: 21 October 2019 (Monday)
  3. Winners will be notified of the outcome of the competition by Wednesday, 30 October 2019, so they will have time to prepare themselves for the public presentation of their applications.

Results Announcement In the first week of November 2019 (the venue and date will be specified later) at the results announcement conference, where we will present the winners.


Application categories

Target groups of the Application: small, medium and large enterprises

Larger available application categories:

1. Knowledge transfer tools and process, knowledge brokers within the company

The process of knowledge transfer plays an important role in the life of every company: collecting, organizing knowledge, defining channels of knowledge transfer, assigning a professional responsibility. Newcomers, those returning to work (eg young mothers) and those who are just changing their positions in the company need to access and acquire the appropriate knowledge at both theoretical and practical level in order to carry out their work. In your application, please indicate whether your company has a knowledge transfer strategy or not. In particular, please highlight the processes of knowledge transfer between generations. How do management and HR support this strategy? Specifically, what measures have been taken to transfer knowledge? Please list the best examples you consider successful, unique, and to be followed. Please explain how knowledge transfer is embedded in corporate culture? Is there a dedicated person in charge of this process (knowledge manager and / or generation manager)?

Within each company, there are people who, due to their personality, are willingly approached by other colleagues with their daily workplace problems. They know almost everyone in the company. They cannot transfer their professional knowledge to us, however they are able to say - due to their “personal portfolio” -, to whom we can turn to in case of a given issue within the organization. They can share with us their organizational knowledge. At the same time, there are so called professional knowledge brokers who know the processes of the company in their field, namely the usual and unique professional solutions, they are recognized in their job and have the trust of their colleagues. They can be central players in the transfer of professional knowledge within the company. The question is how do you identify these individuals within the organization and how do you support and encourage them to share their knowledge (motivation, tools, premium, timeframe, etc.)?


2. Digital tools and methods of knowledge sharing

In this category, we are curious about already introduced and well working examples: E-learning, internal communication specializing in information sharing platforms, innovative solutions for digital knowledge sharing (creation of a knowledge base, accessibility to colleagues, own or purchased applications, etc.).

In this category, we are also waiting for raising and sharing of new solutions still to be introduced which are offering forward-looking alternatives in the topic of digital tools for knowledge sharing.


3. The classic change of generation - transfer of professions between generations 

Classic generation change. Sooner or later in the life of a family business, the moment comes when the business should be handed over, in good case to the child or children. This is a very important step, it is good to get started in time, and the successor will gradually be introduced into the business. All relevant information and knowledge about the business should be provided. It is a good idea for the successor to go through the ranks and get to know the company from below.

Transfer of professions between generations. Has the company taken the necessary steps to prevent the loss of knowledge of older colleagues to be retired? Is there a framework / system for this kind of knowledge transfer? What do we mean? Professional travel with an experienced "tour guide"; in-house „apprentice system”, close cooperation between CÉH master and student, sharing knowledge between practitioners of the same profession ("professional meetings"), discussing of experiences of knowledge transfer within the business and with the other professional representatives.

Please describe your experiences, plans, challenges, and successful stories regarding the above.


Members of the jury assessing the competition:

Barathy Tamás  

founder, Colibri HR Solutions & Blue Colibri App 

Dr. Berendi Péter owner, Roland Divatház  (Roland Fashion House)
Gyulay Tibor

founder, MTA TM Committee 

Heal Edina

manager, Egyenlítő Alapítvány

Katona István

managing director, Celanese Hungary Ltd.

Katona Melinda

Chairman of the Board of Trustees, TTKA Tehetség és Tudás Központ Alapítvány 
(TTKA Talent and Knowledge Center Foundation)

Lakatosné Lukács Zsuzsanna

managing director, SEED Foundation for Small Enterprise Economic Development

Pomázi Gyula

president, Hungarian Intellectual Property Office

Dr. habil. Velencei Jolán

associate professor, Óbuda University



Evaluation criteria

We evaluate the organisation's commitment to the topic, unique solutions, good ideas, smart initiatives, good examples, successful stories. We are interested not only in the ready systems and frameworks of knowledge transfer, but also in those that are under elaboration. An important part of the application is the attitude of corporate managers and HR to the issue. It is important to us how well the implemented examples fit the needs and ideas of the employees.


Data management

The application forms and the company data provided to us are kept confidentially by the colleagues of the Talent and Knowledge Center Foundation, the SEED Foundation, and the members of the jury, and will not be disclosed to third parties. Applications will be kept for 5 years.

Applicants are reminded that applications can only be submitted electronically by answering the questions in the documents.

Please enclose the followings to the completed application:

  • company logo in vector,
  • a photograph of the person representing the company

The persons concerned are requested to attach a signed privacy statement.



You can register for the competition at https://tudasbaratszervezet.ttk.seed.hu.

If you have any questions regarding the application, please contact the following person: 

Kiss Aranka, application manager, phone number: +36-30-212-5278, e-mail address: aranka.kiss@ttka.hu 


Brief introduction of the organizations announcing the tender

The main mission of the Talent and Knowledge Center Foundation (TTKA) is to promote knowledge sharing in the workplace and to build a bridge between the generations through lectures, education and training.

The mission of SEED is to develop the entrepreneurial culture of Hungary, to increase the professional knowledge of entrepreneurs, to increase the competitiveness of small businesses, thus to promote sustainable economic development, and to promote and develop conscious and effective entrepreneurial behaviour.

Thank you for your interest. We hope we can welcome also your company among the applicants.