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In Hungary, this year, between 25 February and 1 March 2019, Money7 will be held for the fifth time. This initiative, across Europe - the European Money Week - draws attention to the importance of conscious money management in about 30 countries. In recent years, in addition to financial awareness, entrepreneurial competence development and experience-based introduction of entrepreneurial skills have been included in the program. In connection with financial issues volunteers from banks and concerning entrepreneurial subjects, volunteers from entrepreneurs are waited by the organizers. 

More than 100 entrepreneur volunteers joined the program in the last year, however, they were not enough to reach all the schools joining the programs and waiting for entrepreneur volunteers. We are confident that with your application we will be able to fill this gap on Money7 of 2019.

The management topic is processed in three lessons. Practicing teachers are holding the lessons according to specific topics for 7th and 8th grade pupils of primary schools as well as for the students of secondary schools.The topics of this year's theme week: problem recognition and management or business idea.The help of entrepreneur volunteers in a school is asked by joining the 3rd lesson in an institution of their choice. We would like the invited entrepreneurs to focus on the nature of the entrepreneurships, the results achieved so far, the most important milestones, etc., besides telling about their individual successes and experiences.

Junior Achievement Hungary provides all the support for the successful meeting and successful preparation of the entrepreneurial volunteers, schools and students (electronic preparatory material, short films made about demonstration lessons).

If you are interested in this initiative and want to join as a volunteer, please let us know in one of the following contacts:; at Junior Achievement Hungary Central Phone: + 36-30 / 996-0359. Direct registration is also possible on the Money7 page with code 73697.

We are waiting for your application!