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We are looking for knowledge-friendly businesses of the year 2019

Carefully preserving the knowledge accumulated at the company and effectively transferring it to the younger generations is extremely important for the competitiveness of an enterprise either in case of generation changing family businesses or knowledge transfer within professions. In Hungary this process is still in its infancy. That is why the SEED Foundation for Small Enterprise Economic Development and the Talent and Knowledge Center Foundation (TTKA) have decided to launch a tender for the first time in Hungary entitled "Intergenerational Knowledge Transfer in Organizations - Good Practices". The winner of the competition will gain the Knowledge-Friendly Organization 2019 award

Announcers of the tender would like  to encourage small, medium and large enterprises to take a look at their activities in order to check at what level is the knowledge transfer present in their organizations while striving to realize knowledge transfer within an organized framework.


Why apply for the „Knowledge Society 2019” Award?

  • Winners of the „Knowledge-Friendly Organization 2019” Award can use this title in external and internal corporate communications helping their enterprises in retaining old employees and attracting new workforce during this time of labour shortage (employer branding”). 
  • The enterprise is one of the first in a whole new field (brand building).
  • Applicants review their corporate knowledge transfer strategy and consider how to incorporate it into their organizational culture when writing their applications.
  • Elaboration of this application will help you to review and understand the importance of intergenerational collaboration within your organization impacting your company's development and retention of workforce.

Applications are waited in the following three categories

  1. Knowledge transfer tools and process, knowledge brokers within the company
  2. Digital tools and methods of knowledge sharing
  3. Classic change of generation - transfer of professions between generations 

One applicant may submit application in several categories as well. The announcers of the tender are interested not only in the ready systems and frameworks of knowledge transfer, but also in those that are still under realization.

Call for application is communicated on website https://tudasbaratszervezet.ttk.seed.hu.

Submission deadline: 21 October 2019 (Monday)


A pályázati kiírás a https://tudasbaratszervezet.ttk.seed.hu oldalon tekinthető meg.  Beküldési határidő: 2019. október 21. (hétfő).