Our mission is to promote the sustainable economy and equal opportunities by developing an ethical, conscious and effective entrepreneur attitude.

Creating opportunities

Do you have a good idea that can make an enterprise on your own come true? Is it questionable if you are on the right track? Do you feel like having no chances at all against others in the market? We firmly believe in supportive environment and in the strength of the community and we help you to turn the opportunity to a real solution!

Give a chance to yourself as an entrepreneur to improve!

Creating opportunitiesCompetitivenessSustainabilitySEED Stratégiai irányok


Constant challenges, lost opportunities and serious competition – this is what enterprises are confronted with day by day. Success is often the function of preparation and awareness. You feel your undertaking is capable of a lot more but something is still missing? You realized that you can only improve and survive competition if your planning is made in a conscious manner?

Can competition start?


Is the future of our globe important to you and not only the future of your own enterprise? Is your enterprise making plans consciously and acting responsibly? Responsible operations and business efficiency together! This can be made and we help you to achieve that!

Conscious and responsible development together!