Business Model Canvas

Elaborating a business plan using visual business modelling

A one-day business planning workshop based on the Business Model Canvas, built in recent years in partnership with Budapest Bank and provided specifically for women entrepreneurs in the “Dobbantó” Program is now offered by SEED Foundation to all types of entrepreneurs, from male businesses to family ones.

At the same time, entrepreneurs who have participated in a previous „Dobbantó” Program can update their business model, focusing on the currently changing circumstances.

  • How does the value proposition of the business change?
  • Changing requirements of customer segments
  • Changing processes of our partners and suppliers
  • Identifying new target groups
  • Visual modelling, using an online tool

Next training session in planning, training day: Wednesday 9:00 – 16:00
online interface with several refreshment breaks and an extended lunch break.

Participation fee for the 8-hour intensive workshop:
HUF 35.000 + VAT/person

You will need internet access and a computer to attend the online workshop.

1025 Budapest,
Szépvölgyi út 98. Fsz. 2.