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The programme brought together educators, trainers and entrepreneurs to offer their voluntary help, using their knowledge of business development or their experience of surviving crisis situations to answer the questions and difficulties that entrepreneurs have to face.

The aim of social engagement is to support businesses with proposals and guidelines to rethink their current mechanisms or even replan their business model.

As a method, we organise a weekly online Entrepreneurs’ Forum, where experts (an adviser and an entrepreneur) discuss a topical issue for an hour on a pre-agreed theme.

Entrepreneurs can follow the discussion on the ZOOM Meeting platform and have the opportunity to discuss their own problems with the experts.


Participation is free, but registration is required!

Aktuális programok

2021. tavasz

Date of the next technical discussion:
Thursday, 18 June 2020, 17:30-19:00.

Erzsébet Rácz, strategic consultant, business mentor, entrepreneurial mentor, Dániel Kovács, managing director of Zsiráf Creative Agency, second generation manager of a family business


Online event as an innovative brand building tool

Detailed topic

How to communicate to the “general public”?
New communication tools: online events, e-conferences, online workshops
When do we use these tools? As a stand-alone tool or as a complementary option?
Who should be an organiser and who should be a participant?
Interactive platforms, direct communication with potential customers, innovative presentation
The Forum is free to attend but registration is required.
Application deadline: 18 June 2020 12:00


Korábbi évadok

Online Vállalkozói Fórum – 2021. tavaszi évad

március 11.

Vállalkozásfinanszírozás tőkebefektetéssel – mikor és hogyan vonjunk be kockázati tőkét cégünk fejlődése érdekében?

március 4.

Környezetünk hat vállalkozásunkra és vállalkozásunk is hat a környezetre. Miért és hogyan mérjük mindezt?

február 18.

Vállalkozói személyiség és sikeres vállalkozás – van-e összefüggés?

február 25.

Reziliencia – Mi van a mélyponton túl?

Online Entrepreneurship Forum - Autumn 2020

10th of December

Generations together – End of Season Forum with Christmas greetings

3rd of December

Tax, accounting changes

26th of November

Corporate gifting etiquette, gifting ideas in business

19th of November

Reflections from retiring founding owners – why is it so hard to leave?

12th November

Protection of intellectual property

5th November

e-commerce, Amazon or other? For whom, when and what?

29th of October

GDPR in a different way

22nd of October

Content writing, content production, self-branding in the online space

15th of October

Safe even in an epidemic

8th of October

Women entrepreneurs in times of crisis

Online Entrepreneurship Forum - Spring 2020

9 July

Season Closing Online Entrepreneurship Forum – „The role of businesses showing good examples in entrepreneurship and company management”

25 June

Retaining and transferring knowledge as a corporate asset

18 June

Online event as an innovative brand building tool

11 June

The importance of (re)modelling in times of changing business conditions – signs of change and possible responses

4 June

Grants and loans – how to use them wisely?

28 May

Keeping contacts and becoming more efficient in the online space.
An opportunity and a challenge.

21 May

“The bumpy road from idea to revenue” – Which idea can work??

14 May

Good practices and typical mistakes in social media marketing for SMEs

7 May

Accounting and labour law aspects of wage subsidies

30 April

Personal power and motivation

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