Things to know, to do and to learn concerning entrepreneurship

The aim of the programme is to provide entrepreneurs who are planning, re-planing or already running their business with the basic skills needed to run a successful business.

The training is based on a 90-hour training course, which has been revised by our experts and trainers in order to reflect the current situation. Online consultations and group work will help you to work through the learning materials sent to you on the basis of the set topics. By the end of the training, each entrepreneur will elaborate a business plan for their own business.

The trainees will be able

  • to recognise their strengths, be sensitive to the problems and weaknesses of their own business and those of other businesses around them, and become capable of identifying these challenges,
  • to evaluate different business ideas, business expansion opportunities, analyse their risks and benefits, and choose between them successfully,
  • to find their way around the possible tools of market research, competitive analysis and marketing, and will be able to use them effectively for the benefit of their own business,
  • to manage the staff involved in the business more effectively by acquiring leadership skills and knowledge.


  • their business-related financial planning and calculation skills are strengthened, and they are well-versed in pricing, hedging, cost and revenue determination, product portfolio analysis,
  • acquire competences related to the management of the business, enabling them to run the business successfully in practice

Participants learn about

  • strategic approach, business planning, the methodology and role of planning in general and its effective application,
  • navigating between tenders and other financial resources for entrepreneurs, learning about the procedures for obtaining and actively applying them.

You will need internet access and a computer to participate in the online training.
For security reasons, the training will be organized online by using ZOOM application. If technical assistance is needed, we will be happy to help, and a useful guide will be sent to all applicants before the workshop.

Training location: online in the ZOOM space
Planned date of training: from April 2021 (with training days on Tuesdays and Thursdays)

Participation fee: HUF 177.165 + VAT (gross 225.000 Ft)

Registration: continuous

The maximum number of participants in the online Entrepreneurship TTT training is 20 people, and the number of participants will be filled on a first come, first served basis.


1025 Budapest,
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